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Fun ideas for family portraits outdoors on the Sunshine Coast

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

With this gorgeous weather we're having ATM let's have a look at some fun ideas for creative portraits.

The much welcomed rain we had a couple of weeks ago has got the grass growing nice and tall, it's a bugger to mow but makes for some great photo opportunites and best of all it's everywhere. There's often vacant lots of land around on the side of roads, in new developments and certainly in the rural areas to take advantage off. Sometimes it might take a photographers eye to see the potential of the scene, a bit of back lighting, selective blur, maybe a bit of lens compression but the rewards can be truly beautiful. Particularly with some late afternoon light.

Golden hour in field of grass
Golden hour in field of grass

Of course we have magnificent beaches here and their appeal is a given, but what about the rockpools and sandstone coves with the beautiful colours and textures at Coolum, Noosa National park, Point Cartwright and Kings Beach. Kids will love exploring the rockpools and this leads to some lovely authentic moments to capture. One thing you won't hear is look at the camera and smile.

Sunset at Pt. Cartwright
Sunset at Pt. Cartwright
Three kids reflections in rockpools at Kings Beach
Reflections in rockpools at Kings Beach

Another place that's worth a look is the Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Garden. Located on Palm Creek Road, Tanawha. This is a great space to have family portaits taken with well maintianed walking tracks winding through a bushland forest setting, a lake to sit with a picnic, open grass spaces for the kids to run around on or follow the creek as it meanders along with overhanging palms and ferns.

Walking trail at Botanic Gardens
Walking trail at the Bushland Botanic Gardens

Along a similar vein is Buderim Falls, conveniently located about a 10 min. drive west from Maroochydore. The first thing you notice when you start the rainforest walk is the sudden drop in temperature. With it's tall palms towering overhead you follow the creek to the waterfall. Along the way take in the natural beauty while the kids take a dip in the rockpools. Great on those balmy summer days.

Taking time out for a quick dip at Buderim Falls
Taking time out for a quick dip

Palms line the walkway to the waterfall
Tree lined walkway

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