Corporate Headshots

The importance of a good headshot.

Don't underestimate the importance of a good headshot. Have you ever looked at a council election placard and thought, "I wouldn't vote for them". Even though you may never have met them before or know what they stand for, you can make a judgment in that one image whether you trust them or not. This is the difference between a good and a bad headshot. The quality of your image will show people whom they're dealing with and how professional you are. This is usually the first impression you make on someone so make it count. So many people these days simply get a friend or an in-experienced photographer to take their photo,  without knowing how to light or pose people properly. It's the subtle things that matter here like the tilting and angle of the head,  expressions and the like. While the old adage, "Never judge a book by its cover", might work for books but when it comes to people, first impressions count. So make it a good one and get it done right, the first time.

Who needs a professional headshot?

Pretty much anyone. If you have an online presence or a business you want to promote, you'll want to have a professional headshot. Business cards, profile pictures, promotional material, CV's, websites all need a professional headshot. Some of the professions we have catered to include Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Politicians, Board Members and all sorts of business people.

Some things to think about before your photoshoot.

What do you want to convey?

The type of business you're in will determine what look and emotion to convey in your portrait, for example, a Doctors headshot would look different to a Lawyers. One would be happy, endearing and approachable the other more confident and determined. Like they'd get the job done. We talk to our customers and guide them to get the desired look. It may take a little longer than a "sit here and smile for the camera" type of photographer but without the experience and attention to details, your images will look just like everybody else. This is why you choose a professional photographer to take a portrait that makes you stand out from the crowd.

What type of background do I want?

Something to keep in mind when contemplating a headshot is what do you want the background to look like. Do you want to be able to do a cut out to add to promotional material or the like in which case maybe go for a solid colour. 

Are you promoting lifestyle or activities, then maybe consider a location shoot to incorporate some outdoors elements in the image.

For businesses adding staff profiles consider a white background or use the company logo in the back, these are easily replicated and show continuity in your images.

Clothing choices

When deciding what to wear, I'd recommend bringing several changes of outfits as some fabrics will photograph better than others. Stay away from logo's, busy patterns, loud colours and beige coloured tops. Layers always work well for both men and women. Pick clothing that compliments your style and character and makes you feel confident wearing it and of course make sure it's ironed. With respect to jewellery, a little looks classy but I'd recommend keeping it to a minimum, too much and it'll be distracting. A nice watch for men and elegant earings and necklace for women.

How does it work?

We understand it's often difficult to make time to come to a studio so we make it easy and come to you. You'll be surprised by what we can do in a small office space. If you prefer to do it in Studio that can be arranged as well.

 A typical session lasts around an hour. We work out what type of imagery you're after and discuss things like what style or level of editing and photoshopping you'd like if any. 

 Next, we'll ease into getting you comfortable before firring away a few snaps. I'll show you how they're looking along the way to check that you're happy with the images so far. It's very much a collaboration, trying different expressions, head tilts and angles. It's the attention to details that plays a big part here. 

There are no caps to the number of images I take but usually, it'll be around a hundred or so. Once we're satisfied we have the shots, I'll pack up and be on my way.

From there I'll edit down the images taking out the blinkies and weird facial expressions, (nobody needs to see them) and upload them to a gallery for you to view and select which images you'd like. We have several pricing packages available depending on how many images you need.  I'll put them down below. Once you've made your selection I'll complete the editing and upload the finished images to the gallery for you to download your purchased images from. This is normally completed in 3 days after the selection is made. 

All there is left to do now is put them to work.


              Some thoughts on Editing. 

All our final images are edited with Photoshop to a degree. I'll remove blemishes, pimples and most things that are deemed temporary. I like my images to look natural and more importantly, to look like you. Like how you feel after a good nights sleep. If you don't wish this to happen on your images we are happy to not edit in this style and can leave them as they were shot.

As an extra, I can do a more intensive style of editing if required like removing scars, lightening wrinkles, creating a fuller hairline, evening out skin tones and a digital nip and tuck.  Once again I err on the side, less is more and keep the final image looking natural.


Pricing Infomation below is for a mobile service, in Studio sessions are an additional $100 to cover hire fees.

All packages include the session fee, online gallery and up to 3 dress changes. Images are supplied as a digital download, high resolution for printing and low res. version for social media or emailing. If needed prints can be purchased online through the gallery.

  • Package 1  $295  For someone who only requires a few images,                       includes 5 edited images.

  • Package 2  $395  More versatile with 10 edited images.                               

  • Package 3  $495  As above but with 20 edited images.                                    

  • Package 4  $595  As above but with 35 edited images.

Group Bookings and Staff Profiles

For offices updating staff profiles, board members or teams photo's please contact me below and I'd be happy to talk over your needs and provide pricing details.

Before and After Selfie

Move the slider from left to right to see the before and after edit. This highlights some of the more intensive editing we can provide. In this example, the before is an unedited raw image. The after copy has had a range of manipulations done to it including spot, scar and blemish removal, lifting and opening eyes, fixing a wonky smile and beard as well as adding a fuller (receding) hairline. The bags under my eyes were lessened, maybe more than I would have liked and the overall skintone evened out.

We offer high-quality, Corporate Headshots at an affordable price anywhere on the Sunshine Coast from Caloundra to Noosa and Maroochydore to Montville. 

To have a chat or book a headshot, contact me below.

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